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Referral Program

You can receive a referral bonus by simply referring NEW clients to use our services.

New or existing clients can redeem their unlimited bonuses in a form of a $50 credit towards a future service or opt in to receive $25 cash (via Paypal, Zelle or Money Order)
Please see Referral Program Rules and Legal Disclaimer below!


Referral Program Rules

Legal Disclaimer: In order to receive referral bonus, it must be redeemed within 3- months from the rewarded date (date of New Client's session). Clients are responsible for following up on their referral status by contacting us via email at   

If you do not redeem within 3-months from the rewarded date or do not provide information needed in order to process the redemption, referral bonus will be forfeited. Clients can refer an unlimited amount of clients. There is one referral bonus per New Client Referral. Referral bonuses can be redeemed in the format of whichever eligible referral program provided for that time period. 

If you have any additional questions regarding the referral program please feel free to contact us!

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