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What Clients Are Saying

Just after the first conversation we were able to talk about what we talk about with her definitely was worth the money. Can’t wait for next week. Thank you so much.

Alexandria M.

I enjoy my sessions! I feel so comfortable talking with Marilyn. She is amazing and I’m happy to have her as my counselor 🥰

Tamira D.

She is truly a life saver! I’ve only done one session and I feel very much relieved already. Easy to talk to. I’m looking forward to more sessions.

Yakira W.

Meeting with her has been life changing. She offers a fresh perspective, a positive environment and a no judgement zone. Her support and passion filled drive show in each interaction. If your 2020 was anything like mine or even if you are looking for a better quality of life in general and would like someone to help you figure it out, then I would definitely recommend this company.

Briana S.

My overall experience was exceptional. I'm honored to have worked with someone so constructive but yet inspirational and understanding. Will continue to recommend her services to others who are willing to receive such great counseling.

Cathelean V.

I enjoyed working with Marilyn D. She has great patience very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. Marilyn helped me better understand how to make a great professional business plan for my up and coming business. I' am grateful to you for your help! I highly recommend Marilyn to anyone in need of such services. Thank you!

Sade B.

Marilyn is fantastic! I love how she started and ended the session with a prayer and her energy is so calm/peaceful very easy to talk to. I would highly recommend her to any of my friends or family.

Diamond M.

Marilyn was awesome. My nonprofit would not have grown as much as it did without out her help. She helped me secure large grants and donation from a great deal of business in the Charlotte area. I definitely recommend her services.

Cameo C.

Tonya H.

So far I had 2 personal sessions and 1 couples session, i must say me and my significant other really enjoy her. It’s really nice to find a Christian counselor who has the same values we do. She is very pleasant and welcoming. She is soft spoken and honest. LOL my boyfriend likes her. I say that because he did like the previous one. He feels she is honest and not bias or shows favoritism. We are both looking forward to the amazing experience and knowledge she has to give to us. Me and my boyfriend are praying for a healthier outcome and to further a healthier relationship. I’m also looking forward to getting the healing i need for myself.

Marilyn is truly a caring and giving person that genuinely desires to help. She does everything from the heart.

Zena Z.

I would like to thanks courageous selfcare specialists, LLC for helping me. set up my business articles of organization , my employer identification number ,and helping me design my logo for my business . Well knowledgeable in business. Thanks courageous selfcare specialists LLC

Sean P.

Marilyn was very professional and patient with helping me with starting my own business!!!! She even helped me figure out what exact steps to take to get my trademark and other things!!!! SHE WAS AWESOME 😁😁😁 #THANKYOUFORALLYOURHELP

Ed E.

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