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FREE 15-Minute Consultation

FREE 15- minute phone consultation to answer any questions or concerns regarding our services

Have questions? Not sure which service best fit your needs? Take advantage of this complementary 15-minute phone consultation, where you can explain what your needs are and get answers to your questions. Schedule a free phone consultation today, so you can book with ease!

$850/5 sessions

Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling with Courageous SELFcare Specialists, LLC is unlike any other counseling program out there. I understand that each couple that walks through my door has unique circumstances and needs. That's why I make my marriage counseling package as flexible as possible. Book your next sessions in advance!

Family/ Group Counseling Session (3+)

Group counseling for families who need counsel for dysfunction at home

Does your family have unresolved issues? Suffering from past trauma? Are you tired of living in a dysfunctional family? Let's us help you! Schedule your Family Counseling TODAY!

Career Coaching Session

Coaching for those who feel stuck in their jobs or need direction.

Feeling stuck in a dead end job? Having trouble climbing the corporate ladder? Let us guide you in the right direction for success.

Individual Counseling Session

Counseling for those who need overall healing and encouragement.

Dealing with unhealthy relationships, past trauma, fear, grief? Or maybe you need help with your spirituality and navigating through life? Let us help you on your journey to overall SELFcare.

Premarital Couples Counseling Session

Counseling for those who are seeking premarital counsel.

Is your relationship lacking in communication? Do you feel like you are both on a different page? Do you find yourselves fighting over the same issues? Worried you relationship will not make it down the aisle to say "I DO?" Let us help you!

Marriage Counseling Session

Counseling for those who seek counsel in their marriage.

Feel like your marriage is on the brink of divorce? Constantly fighting or finding yourselves at odds? Or maybe they're not the person you married and once fell in love with? Let us help you restore what was lost and get that spark back into your marriage.

Family of 2 Counseling Sessions

Family counseling for 2 members of a family to reconcile differences.

Do you and a certain family member have unresolved issues? Are you constantly at odds with each other? Are you ready to reconcile your differences so you can move forward? Whether it's a mother, father, sibling, or child... We want to help you! Schedule your Family of 2 Counseling TODAY!

Intensive Couples Counseling Package

Intensive Counseling for Couples (8 sessions total)

Is your relationship heading down the wrong path? Do you feel you tried everything you could but now ready to throw in the towel? Don't give up just yet! Let us help you by registering for our Intensive Couples Counseling package, which includes 4 individual sessions (2 for each partner) and 4 joint sessions.

Life Coaching Session

Coaching for those who are struggling in multiple areas in their lives

Ready to discover your life's purpose? Is fear getting in the way of you producing at your full potential? Let us help you on the path to wholeness and fulfillment.

Business Start-up Consulting Session

Consulting for those who need help with new business start-up.

Have a new business idea? Have no clue where to start? Let us help you get your business up and running. We provide assistance with filing Articles of Incorporation/ Organization, EIN/TaxID, business license and more.

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